Incoming Buyers Program

The Atlantic Craft Trade Show offers a unique program for first time buyers from outside the Atlantic Canada region. As a first time buyer to ACTS you could qualify for our Incoming Buyers Program.

We invite your business to apply to the Incoming Buyers Program for funding to come to our trade show. Should your company be accepted into the program, the Atlantic Craft Trade Show will provide you or your company representative, free of charge, one free airline economy ticket from your location to Halifax, Nova Scotia return.

Retailers wishing to apply for this program are asked to complete a business profile and submit it along with any other material, i.e. brochures, business cards, photos, etc. This information will assist the ACTS committee with the selection process. We have arranged for special accommodation rates at some of the finest local hotels in Halifax, all located within a short walking distance of the ACTS venue, for your convenience. All expenses are the responsibility of the attending buyer, with the exception of the one airline ticket.

The Incoming Buyer Program selection process for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (ACTS) will not take place until ACTS has secured funding for the Incoming Buyer Program for the next fiscal year. We should know if funding for the program is available by November. Applications will be accepted once funding is in place for the program. Thank you.

Megan Billings Pottery

How Do I Qualify for ACTS?
To qualify for the ACTS - New Incoming Buyers Program you must meet the following stipulations.
  1. You must operate a retail business outside of the Atlantic region (ie: not in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island. Applicants will be considered from Newfoundland)
  2. You must have not attended the ACTS Trade Show in the past
  3. You must be a retailer in the giftware sector, preferable selling handcrafted products
  4. You must complete the necessary applications
  5. You must be approved in writing by ACTS
  6. You must agree to complete a Buyer Survey after attending the trade show
When is the Selection Process?
The deadline for applications is January, applicants are generally advised by early December of the status of their application. A formal letter indicating the result of the selection process will be sent to you from the ACTS office at that time.

What does ACTS provide Incoming Buyers?
For successful candidates ACTS will provide you, free of charge, one economy airline ticket from your location to Halifax, Nova Scotia return. All other expenses such as hotel, meals, and other incidentals are the responsibility of the Incoming Buyer.


Is this Show for me?
If you are dedicated to preserving the value of hand crafted products and as a seasoned retailer appreciate the uniqueness and value your customers place on crafted products, then this is the trade show opportunity not to be missed.

What can I expect at the Show?
Our trade show is held at Halifax's premiere facility, the World Trade & Convention Centre in downtown Halifax. The Convention Centre is connected via pedway to shopping, restaurants and several of the major downtown hotels. We provide on-site food concessions, rest areas and a free shuttle service to the Maritime Gift Show, which coincides with our event. We have also arranged special rates at most of the downtown Halifax hotels for your convenience.

What to Expect from our Exhibitors?
At our show you will see some of the best Pottery, Porcelain, Stone, Textiles, Paintings and Prints, Toys, Wood, Baskets, Candles, Glass, Food, Jewellery, Leather, Metal, Paper & Stationary, Home Decor & Accessories, and Native Arts & Crafts found anywhere today!

Our exhibitors offer a wide variety product and a full range of price points to suit all buyer needs.

Ewe Design

What types of Buyers attend ACTS?
Our buyers are buying for general craft & gift shops, galleries, hotels, drug stores, tourist establishments, museums, clothing shops and jewelry stores. In recent years, mail order companies, online shopping services and other specialized retail businesses have been attracted to ACTS high quality products.

How Do I Apply?
Any first time buyer wishing to apply for this program is asked to complete the ACTS Incoming Buyers Business Profile and submit it along with any other material which might help in our decision, i.e. brochures, business cards, photos, etc. This information will assist the ACTS committee with the selection process.

Please submit your application via mail including your business card, brochure and any other pertinent information. If you have any questions or would like more information about this business opportunity, please contact the ACTS Show Manager at (902) 492-2773 or fax (902) 429-9059 or email

The ACTS Buyers Business Profile is available by contacting the ACTS office. Due Date for Consideration is January.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Just because your application was not accepted doesn't mean you can't come to ACTS! We are a small, high quality, specialized trade show with a limited budget for New Incoming Buyers, so not all applicants will be successful. If you have the resources and are able to fit us into your schedule, we would love to see you at ACTS!

Where is Atlantic Canada?
ACTS is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada's beautiful east coast. Halifax is accessible with daily air service from all major centers including: Boston, Newark, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary with connections to other destinations in the U.S. and Europe.
PHONE (902) 492-2773 - EMAIL

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