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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) regarding the Atlantic Craft Trade Show. This page will give craftspeople thinking about wholesaling their products an outline about participating in the Atlantic Craft Trade Show.

Canoe Cove Studio

How Do I Qualify for ACTS?
To qualify for ACTS there are two stipulations:
  1. Your product must be manufactured in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland or New Brunswick. (If you are from outside Atlantic Canada and interested in our Guest Artisan Program, please click here for more information.)
  2. Your product will be juried for quality and workmanship by a committee made up from a representative of each of the 4 Atlantic provinces.
OK, so then what?
You must obtain an application form which is available from the ACTS office. Contact information can be found here; please state as to which province your business is located.

Along with your application you are required to send in:
  • 3-5 product samples that best showcases your work. If you have more than one product line (i.e. jewellery and pottery), please send in examples of both.
  • Your wholesale catalog and/or list.
  • Business card, postcards, and other promotional items.
  • Good quality images that CLEARLY show the product. Do not add any Photoshop elements or special effects. Photos will be shown to jury committee members who are outside of your province for review. Images can be sent to the ACTS office by mailing a CD or by email.
  • $200 deposit fee, which is to accompany the application.
Once your product images, deposit and application have been received you will be contacted by the ACTS office with instructions to deliver your product samples. Product jurying takes place in your province. As location and timing may change, we will contact you in advance of that process happening. Product will be returned after jurying is completed. Should your product not be accepted, your booth fee will be refunded in full along with an explanation as to the reason why it was not accepted at this time.

What if I apply then change my mind?
If it is within the deadlines as stipulated on the application form, your booth fees will be refunded less the deposit, which is not refundable.

How much are Booth Fees to exhibit in ACTS?
The minimum booth size is approx. 100 sq.ft, however, larger booth sizes, ie: 1½, 2, 2½, 3, etc. are available. The standard booth size is 10x10 at a cost of approximately $665 + HST. ACTS does have an emerging artist program, participants must qualify, ask us for details.

What can I expect at the Show?
Your booth space at the ACTS show will consist of the following: 8' high draped curtains on three sides (White), 1 electrical outlet (1500 watts), 1 draped 6'x2' table, 2 chairs, and a waste basket. The room is carpeted, but if you wish, you can bring your own floor covering. In addition, you will get a listing (wording of your choice) in the ACTS show guide as well as the opportunity to advertise in this high quality guide. Exhibiting companies can expect sales orders in the amount of approximately $6,500., and remember that's wholesale. After the show, ACTS will provide (free of charge) a complete listing of all company names, buyers and addresses of those who attended the show for purpose of follow up and promotion.

Are there any other costs I should be aware of?
There are some other costs associated with participating in a trade show. You will need lighting and a professional booth display. Electrical power is provided in the booth fee, as noted above. Most exhibitors bring their own lighting, though lighting can also be rented from the show contractor. You can use the ceiling lights provided by the World Trade & Convention Centre, however, there are some areas of the show where lighting is not sufficient. We strongly recommend the use of additional lighting. Depending on your particular booth display, other costs might include: product merchandisers and displays, shipping your materials to the show and of course the costs associated with overnight travel to Halifax, if required.

Right Off the Batt Pottery

Is this Show for me?
As a wholesale show you would be selling in quantity and therefore must be able to produce in quantity to fill wholesale orders and deliver those order on time, to retailers. If your product is a "one of a kind" item then you might consider the gallery@acts, where contemporary one-of-a-kind work is featured.

What would I have to bring as an Exhibitor?
Being a wholesale show open only to the trade, rather than the general public, you would need only a selection of product that would represent your wholesale business. Orders are taken for your product rather than goods delivered at the point of sale, so no volume of product would be required at the show.

Imagine your booth as your store and as such, a business establishment. You should be prepared to do the business of selling your product and have the basic tools for selling. These should include: order pad, business cards, brochures and a price list. If you plan on selling to U.S. Buyers, then you should have a second price list with your product in U.S. dollars. You should be certain of your terms of sale i.e. C.O.D., net 30 days, and of any show specials or volume discounts.

What type of buyers will I see at ACTS?
Mostly you will meet buyers who are buying for general craft & gift shops, galleries, hotels, drug stores, tourist establishments, museums, clothing shops and jewellery stores. ACTS also invites buyers outside our region, from across Canada and the U.S., through our Incoming Buyers Program.

Is there anything else I need to know?
The booth spaces at ACTS normally get filled pretty quickly. Applications are sent out to potential exhibitors by email. If you would like to be included in our email distribution and notified of upcoming show information, please contact the ACTS office.

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