ACTS Office
Atlantic Craft Trade Show office is located at Craft Alliance Atlantic Association offices in downtown Halifax. For more information about the Atlantic Craft Trade Show Contact us at:

ACTS Management
Bernard Burton, Director
Greg Toole, Operations Coordinator
Berthe Worth, Admin. Coordinator

Mailing Address:
1574 Argyle St.
Suite 15, Box 3
Halifax, NS B3J 2B3

(902) 492-2773 phone
(902) 429-9059 fax
Our Office is Located:
1574 Argyle St.
3rd Floor - Suite 15
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Board of Directors
Industry Partners
  • Lori Burke, Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design
  • Susan Hanrahan, Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council
  • Alison Murphy, New Brunswick Crafts Council
  • Craig Schneider, New Brunswick College of Craft & Design
  • Julia Purcell, Artisans PEI Network
  • Annie MacEachern, PEI Crafts Council
  • Anne Manuel, Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Beverly Barbour, Anna Templeton Centre for Craft, Art & Design
Government Partners
  • Michel Bérubé, NB Tourism, Heritage and Culture
  • Lee Brammer, Innovation PEI
  • Janet Costigan, NL Innovation, Business & Rural Development

Donna Hiebert Designs

PHONE (902) 492-2773 - EMAIL

Atlantic Craft Trade Show: promoting crafts and giftware manufactured exclusively in the Atlantic Provinces
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