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WARNING! Beware of Misleading Advertising SCAMS..., Fair Guide, Fairguide, Construct Data Verlag AG, and others

An organization based in Slovakia, called Construct Data Verlag AG, is targeting exhibitors who have participated in trade shows in Canada, the USA, Europe and other countries. Apparently offering advertising space on their Fair Guide website, the company uses a form which resembles an organiser's free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an on-line directory. Exhibitors who sign and return the form are contracted into a non-retractable agreement at significant cost for a period of at least three years and continuing annually thereafter at the same cost, unless cancelled by registered letter within the appropriate period.

Please note that the Atlantic Craft Trade Show has no association with Construct Data Verlag AG, Fair Guide or any of its many other trade names, nor have we authorised them to use our name or trademarks on information they send out to exhibitors. If you receive a document from Construct Data Verlag AG which uses our name or the name of our events and which offers advertising space on the Fair Guide website (, please do not sign the form unless you have carefully read and understood the terms contained in the small print. If you have any concerns about the distribution of such documents by Construct Data Verlag AG, or other trade directory companies, you should contact the relevant authorities in your location. In Canada, the federal Competition Bureau is responsible for deceptive and misleading advertising scams.

For more information about Construct Data Verlag AG, please visit the following information website which is an independent non-commercial website working to try and stop misleading and deceptive, directory advertising scams.

If you have received any such correspondance, or have been deceived by any such mailings, we would like to hear from you. Please Contact ACTS for information on how to deal with these unwanted solicitations.
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